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The Fridge Company (satirical)

I recently bought a new fridge from the Fridge Company.

It costed me a lot of money, but I don't regret my purchase.

My new fridge is full of nice and unique features, such as:

  • an OLED screen that can display high resolution animoji
  • a front camera that tracks when you are going to open the fridge
  • a voice assistant integrated in the fridge to play your favorite music

However, I noticed that my fridge is restricted to use food and products officialy approved by the Fridge Company.

The Fridge Company informed me that this is a good thing, as it improves my user experience and simplifies my decisions.

a fridge from the Fridge Company

But some of my friend don't think that this is beneficial to me and other users.

On the contrary, they warn me that proprietary systems are detrimental to the market.

In this post, I will demonstrate that my friends are wrong and that proprietary systems are a good thing.

First, there is my farmer friend. He does not appreciate that the Fridge Company forces its users to buy food from them. In fact, he told me that if he want to sell fruits on their platform, he must pay 30% of his benefits back to the Fridge Company. Clearly, my farmer friend does not understand how convenient it is to buy products from a single store. I'm sure that having a single provider can only lower the price and improve the quality of their service.

Second, there is my cooking friend. He did not like my new fridge, as his devices are not compatible with mine. I told him he simply has to buy a fridge from the Fridge Company, but he said they are too costly and do not fulfill his usage. His opinion should make me reconsider my friendship with him. I can't afford to have a friend which is too poor and doesn't share the value of the Fridge Company.

Third, there is my entrepreneur friend. She had a great idea for a new toaster, but the Fridge Company would not approve her device, as it would threaten their business model. I'm sad to say that she is not as clever as people from the Fridge Company. Only them know how to secure their market share and to maintain their incomes over time.

Finally, there is my geek/hacker friend. This guy is all about using Linux distributions, setting up Raspberry Pi in his home and preaching the gospel of free software. He wanted to hack my fridge to send notifications to our mobile phone, but he can't as the Fridge Company forbids this kind of usage. I don't approve the idea of my geek friend. The main benefit of buying their fridges is let other people decide what is good for you.

I hope to convinced you that we should encourage the development of more proprietary systems.

Well, as long as they are approved by the Fridge Company and compatible with their products.

Otherwise, I would feel bad for having such an useless and expansive fridge ...